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The Digital Skills Certificate I within the Bachelor degree (pilot project)

Module integration in the Bachelor degree (in German only)

Module integration for the Bachelor degree programme

Course ‘Researching digitally’: Credits according to the Module Handbook for a seminar in Basic Module 4  

Course ‘Digital Work Organisation’: Credits according to the Module Handbook for seminar or lecture in Supplementary Module 1

Explanation of the concept:

  • The acquisition of the Digital Skills Certificate is optional.
  • It is sufficient to participate in the courses according to the conditions of the module handbook.
  • Those who wish to acquire the certificate must pass the final 30-minute electronic exam for both of the courses.

Contents of the courses

Course ‘Researching digitally’ (Bachelor degree)

Which skills can be acquired in this course?

  • Data Literacy: Ability to conduct web-based literature research in catalogues and meta search engines; knowledge of subject-relevant databases and bibliographies; understanding of algorithm-based search processes; competence to verify digital sources and documents with regard to their reliability and quotability;
  • Digital Responsibility: Ability to reflect on the impact of digital searching and publishing spaces on the presentation of historical topics and the study of history;
  • Digital Teaching and Learning: Introduction to utilising and strengthening digital self-study through tutorials via eStudies and ILIAS learning modules.

Course ‘Digital Work Organisation’

Which skills can be acquired in this course?

  • Data Literacy: competent use of software in academic work processes (e.g. software for statistics, desktop publishing or citation management);
  • Digital Literacy, Digital Teaching and Learning as well as New Work Methods and Practice: Experience with platforms for collaborative work; handling file formats for exchange and long-term archiving;
  • Digital Responsibility: Basic knowledge of copyright law for the correct use of digital born or retro-digitised sources, critical reflection on requirements posed by digital sources for the historical-critical method.

For each course it is possible to take part in a 30-minute electronic exam.

After finishing both parts of the exam, the participants receive the Certificate I: Basics of digital academic skills.