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Unit for Digital Teaching and Research

Going digital is a strategic cross-sectional task. The Corona pandemic has brought digital teaching, learning, and research into sharper focus, but it has been relevant before and will remain important beyond the end of the Corona pandemic. Against this background, the Department of History has established the Unit for Digital Teaching and Research (Arbeitsstelle Digitales in Lehre und Forschung) as of April 2021

The following tasks are part of the Unit’s assignment:

  • bringing together ideas, concepts and experiences of digital in teaching and research,
  • communicating digital issues within the Department of History,
  • establish contacts with relevant bodies in the faculty and university,
  • integrating digital methods in the degree courses,
  • maintaining and expanding the online portal [available in German only]
  • maintaining technical updates and
  • providing support tailored to the needs of the Department of History.

Working Group

The Working Group Digital Teaching and Research, consisting of interested professors, staff and students, serves as a link between the management and the teaching staff of the Department of History. For each division within the Department of History, there is a contact person for communication between the working group and the teaching staff and students. The working group also exchanges experiences and new ideas.

The current persons to contact are:

The genesis of the working group

Against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic and the resulting need for rapid implementation of digital teaching, the Board of the Department of History set up its own working group in March 2020, initially limited until the end of that year, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Gudrun Gersmann and coordinated by Christine Schmitt M.A. In December 2020, the Department of History decided to make this working group permanent in order to coordinate digital teaching and research beyond the time of the Corona pandemic.